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About Us

Updated: May 1, 2023

Butter's Cookie Factory and Sweets is a Limited Liability Company owned by Elizabeth Evans. The company operates in Sarasota as a registered Home Based Processor of cookies, cookie bars, and sweet treats.

Elizabeth Evans, better known as Butter (the adorable nickname her 4 year old niece has bestowed on her) has spent the past 12 years perfecting her cookie base and baking technique. Butter believes there is a science and mathematical formula, to baking the “perfect cookie”. With a core belief that butter makes everything better, she uses quality ingredients to make baked treats which she has been told are the best around.

After formerly living in a city known for its culinary superiority and going on a self-guided food tour through many of NYC’s famous and not so famous cookie/dessert spots, Butter realized that there is a slump in NYC’s cookie game. Sure you can order cookies at any time of the night, but does that cookie make your eyes roll back and just really hit that sweet spot (pun intended)? After a successful run in local street fairs and markets Butter decided to move to the sunny state of Florida where she currently runs operations.

Butter’s Cookie Factory & Sweets hopes to bring a bit of indulgence to everyone’s lives. No calorie counting here, because there is no denying that sometimes we all need a bit of sweet in our lives. And let’s be honest, butter really does make everything better.

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